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Saturday, January 04, 2020

October to December 2019

As the rains abate and winter sets in, there is a gentleness to the land - the groundnut harvest come in, the fields are fallow, giving a chance to the soil to regenerate.
The rains have been decent for the crops - however there has not been that intense rain to fill up the tanks with water. The ground water has not recharged enough. We are OK for now lets see what the summer brings.

The patient load is as it is
Patient Data
Total: 5360
Children: Males: 182; Females 176
Elderly: Males 768; Females 605
Adults: Males: 1466; Females 2163

The RHC had closed for 2 weeks during Deepavalli. A well deserved/needed break.

In November, Rishi Valley Education Centre hosted the Krishnamurti Gathering   - well attended with over 300 participants.

Some photos and stories of the 3 months gone by

REPOSE - The Verandah of the Health Centre provides a resting place for a baby and an old man
When one is tired any place providing a place for rest becomes a haven

An old couple awaiting their turn at the RHC
The tree providing them a space to sit and eat
For those more romantic one could call it a picnic!

 Bundled against the cold and rain, this lil boy has a plastic packet on his head - a makeshift cap and rain protector

     A patello tibial brace for an old woman with a severe diabetic foot
The ulcer has healed beautifully with the brace

Thursday, October 03, 2019

A New Ambulance

After much searching, talking to people etc we honed in on a new ambulance - FORCE MOTORS BASIC LIFE SUPPORT AMBULANCE.
(NB. For those interested please read the National Ambulance Code - AIS 125)
A generous donation from the Kudva Family (many of whom have studied at Rishi Valley) more than met the cost of the ambulance.
Life saving equipment - Multipara monitor, Automatic External Defibrillator, Suction pump etc have been ordered. Once they come the ambulance will be fully fitted out to take care of any emergency.

The interior
The ambulance has already been put to use

A 65 yr old lady had a fall at her home in the village. Clinically she had had a fracture of left hip. She was taken to Madanapalle and has since been operated

Being transported through the village


Solar Photo Voltaic Power

Cheers to the sun!!!
Thanks to a CSR initiative of Coal India, the RHC got a 10 + 2KW off grid PV electric power system. We are now totally off grid and have been able to sustain all our operations on Solar Power.
The Rural Education Centre also has a off grid PV system installed.
This system ensures uninterrupted power as well as savings on electric costs.
Some pictures below
The staff

The PV Panels

July to September 2019

June was hot and dry, towards the nd of July the rains picked up. August was better and as we approached the end of the third week of September, we had good rains and from being deficient rainfall we are now on par. Everyone is mighty thrilled with the bounty of the gods.
The groundnut crop is doing well. The farmers say that the size as well as number of nuts per plant is good. They hope to get a good price for that
So also the tomatoes which have shot up. The spread of rainfall was good and so the crop was good. As they say one persons bounty is another's misery. Floods had washed out tomato crops elsewhere so the farmers in our region had a better price. How I wish that there could be an even distribution of farm income.
Patient Data
Total: 6553
Children: Males: 301; Females 336
Elderly: Males 887; Females 679
Adults: Males: 2042; Females 2308

Having an extra hand in Dr Anandhi has definitely reduced the stress and the fatigue!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

A Smile that never goes away - II

Continuing with an earlier post
The girl has made remarkable progress - now wanting to ride a bicycle, do her homework etc

I am free
I am strong
I will succeed
I will fly with the wind
No obstacle can stop me
I will ..........