Thursday, November 24, 2022

July to September 2022

 This is normally the busiest period - the sowing is done; farm work is restricted to de-weeding and pest control. The festive season is still a few weeks away.

TOTAL: 4148
Adults: 4148 (1534:1787)
Children: 119 (60:59)
Elderly: 708 (419:289)

The crowds are more manageable now. Governmental initiatives have made a difference to doorstep health care delivery

Sunday, August 21, 2022

April - June 2022

 Well, the COVID waned, and life got back to normal. The economy which was badly hit has slowly started recovering. Farm activity showed an uptick and there was a general air of optimism.

For us at the RHC the numbers slowly picked up.

TOTAL: 2532
Adult Male: 906
Adult Female: 1095

Children: 50 (19, 31)

Elderly Male: 298
Elderly Female: 193

May was a month of a holiday for the doctors, but the RHC was semi functional. A nurse and a pharmacist were available daily to ensure that no patient missed out on medications. 
Doctors were available for telephonic consults as and when required.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Jan to March 2022

 As the COVID epidemic waned, public services resumed. Most importantly the APSRTC bus service to villages restarted. This helped patients easily access the RHC. The curbs on gatherings were also removed, schools restarted and all this meant we saw an uptick in the number of patients accessing the RHC.

TOTAL: 3949 - slowly approaching the monthly pre COVID Figures of 1500 per month
Children: 105 (52 M : 53 F), Elders: 692 (407 M: 285 F)
Adults: 3152 (1452 M : 1700 F)

The COVID pandemic has had an impact on mental health too. A number of students had trouble readjusting to school / college after the long lay off. Difficulties in concentration, restlessness, somatization were all common symptoms. Counselling helped a great deal. A few of the students needs short courses of Anti Depressants.
Adults were similarly affected. Loss of income, loss of crops, working children being laid off all played a part. For many of them, they had exhausted all their coping strength over the years. Faces wore a sense of hopelessness. Many of them needed Anti Depressants and a lot of encouragement. The hope came back as the restrictions were removed, providing much needed income to the families.
Lets hope that the COVID pandemic peters out and is limited to small outbreaks only