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Friday, April 05, 2019

Jan to March 2019

 A busy 3 months is over and the so also the last quarter.
An extended winter meant that one had more energy to carry on.
We had consciously decided to try and reduce our numbers. Any patient coming from more than 30 km away was politely asked to go somewhere else. Of course a few exceptions were made - for the elderly, the very sick and the young ones. This did help in reducing the number of new patients we saw, but the old patients more than made up the numbers.

              Less than 15 years                                                      More than: 65 years
Male:          251                                                                                   841
Female        278                                                                                   693

Less than: 48000 pa: 5951
More than: 48000 pa: 125

TOTAL: 6076

This fiscal 23904  patients attended the RHC. This, by far and large is our highest annual load ever.
The number of new patients registered was only 2640 (less by 1200 as compared to the last fiscal)
This probably made our work load less since one didn't have to spend too much time in working up a patient.


This project is going on in full swing. Our understanding of mental health issues has grown in leaps and bounds. We are now managing quite a few depressions, family violence and abuse by ourselves. There is a plan to train our staff to work as lay counsellors - there is such a need.

Vascular Diseases: We hope to restart in mid June for follow ups.

 A nurse explaining Diet, Nutrition and foot care to Diabetics - this group also interacts with each other helping each other


A little fella gambolling at the RHC

A 15 yr old girl with an amputation Left below elbow