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Thursday, September 07, 2006

August 2006

Another month goes by and one is confronted with patients of all types, some near the end of their thether, having gone from pillar to post seeking succour,mostly in vain. In spite of having been in this profession for more than 20 years, disease and death are not easy to get used to.
The poor flock to our centre, seeking professional advise and possibly the right kind of treatment - Iatrogenic Poverty is a major issue with ruthless practitioners out to fleece the poor, ignorant public of what little money they have. So also inappropriate therapy, treatment modalaties, unnecessary surgeries all in the guise of medicine and serving the sick - Whither art thou Hippocrates???

Well the health centre goes on - We saw 1441 patients, did 17 cataract surgeries and 2 Dacryocystectomies and delivered 2 babies both above 2.5 kg. Considering that we started with 1.8 kg, this is quite an achievement.
In the adjoining phot you can see a child being nebulised in our centre. I am sure that the paediatricians would say - it is not the mostideal of circumstances - I agree - but something better than nothing.
Anyway, this child went to a "paediatrician" with c/o fever of less than 2 days duration. No investigations were done and the "good doctor" started him on - hold your breath - Inj Amikacin, Inj Cefatoxime and Inj Metrogyl - wow - should take care of everything!!!!
Well the child did not recover and having spent a couple of thousand rupees and in debt with an interest rate of 4% pm (48% pa),they came to us. Examined the kid and found Heaptosplenomegaly with a Hb 7 gm%, Pl Vivax, TC 6200/cumm, S Bilirubin 2.8 mg%, with conjugated hyperbilirubinaemia - Simple - Treat with Chloroquin 10 mg/kg and child was afebrile in a day and was doing well.
Unfortunately Child developed Hyperactive Airway Disease with LRTI and is now on treatment for the same. Am sure that the child will recover at the soonest.

Take care all and see you soon