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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The rains continue to play truant. A smile is a rarity. Erratic electricity adds to the woes. The cost of living is also going up. There seems to be no end to the woes being faced.

Right now this post is being written when the power supply is there. Hopefully it lasts till this is published! 
Statistics as usual

Total Outpatient: 1906
Below 15 years: Male - 129; Female - 100
Above 65 years: Male: 100; Female - 97
15 - 65 years: Male - 714; Female - 766
Income (per month)
INR less than 1000: 1178
1000 - 2000: 652
2000 - 3000: 37
3000 - 4000: 15
More than 4000: 24
Eye Care
Total patients: 146
Glasses: 48
Medicines: 94
Surgeries: 04

Antenatal Programme

New registrations: 00
Domiciliary Delivery: 0
Hospital Delivery: 01
Caesarean Section: 01
Abortion: NIL
Still Birth: 0 

Some Stories

3 year old with Chronic Osteomyelitis
This young boy needs aggressive treatment, surgery to take care of his osteomyelitis. He has been referred to the SVRR Government Hospital in Tirupati and one hopes that he will get the necessary treatment there.

1 year old: Cretinism

This 1 year old baby was diagnosed with Cretinism.The thyroid profile showed a hypothyroid picture. Replacement therapy has been started.

40 year with Hyperthyroidism

 The other end of the Thyroid Disorder Spectrum. This 40 year old male had been diagnosed, at various times in the past 06 months with (i) Tuberculosis (ii) Enteric Fever (iii) Psychiatric illness - unspecified - an treated for the same.
One look at him and it was obvious that he was a Hyperthyroid. The tests have confirmed it and he is under treatment. The improvement in two weeks has been remarkable.

The couple below have been reduced to begging for their sustenance and livelihood, having lost their lands to their sons. This sort of occurrence is now more common in the rural areas, given the pressure on the land.

65 year old with Malnutrition
70 year old with Malnutrition