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Friday, September 04, 2009

August continues to be busy, however most importantly, the rains came. We got about 20 cm of rain, which has definitely helped the water table as well as the standing crops. The farmers are all smiles and in some farms there is hectic planting activity of short term crops like Jowar, Bajra etc.

Total Outpatient: 1738

Below 15 years: Male - 120; Female - 135
Above 65 years: Male: 133; Female - 101
15 - 65 years: Male - 551; Female - 698

Income (per month)
INR less than 1000: 1084
1000 - 2000: 588
2000 - 3000: 51
3000 - 4000: 12
More than 4000: NIL

Eye Care
Total patients: 93
Glasses: 15
Medicines: 68
Surgeries: 10

Antenatal Programme
New registrations: 05
Delivery: 02 (Hospital - 02)
Abortion: NIL

Some Patients

Rasool Bee, 85 years old, came to the RHC with an ulcerative swelling in the Left sub mandibular region. The swelling starts from the mouth as the picture on the right shows. This was most probably a Squamous Cell Carcinoma, brought about by years of betel nut chewing. She refused to go anywhere else and is being given palliative care here.

What you see in this photograph is a classical case of DERMATITIS due to Endosulfan use. The RHC has taken on a project to document diseases associated with pesticide use.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

JULY 2009

The month of July saw us battling with drought like situation. The rains have failed us and we wonder whether we will last till November when the NE Monsoon makes its appearance.
The patient load remained the same:

Total Outpatient: 1862
Below 15 years: Male - 167; Female - 175
Above 65 years: Male: 107; Female - 71
15 - 65 years: Male - 513; Female - 829

Income (per month)
INR less than 1000: 954
1000 - 2000: 733
2000 - 3000: 141
3000 - 4000: 32
More than 4000: 02

Eye Care
Total patients: 121
Glasses: 15
Medicines: 95
Surgeries: 11

Antenatal Programme
New registrations: 03
Delivery: 02 (Hospital - 02)
Abortion: 01

Some Patients
Venkataramana has a Corneal dystrophy of the Right Eye. You can see the

haziness in the cornea. This was primarily due to Malnutrition. A course of Vitamin A resolved the Corneal Dystrophy.

Anjeppa, 47 year old male had been treated earlier for Pulmonary TB at a Primary Health Centre.In all probabilities he had not completed his full course of treatment. A recurrence was detected at the RHC., we suspect MDRTB, for which a TB Culture has been done. There is also a strong suspicion of Leprosy.

Leonine features, loss of eyebrow hair, hyperpigmentation and hypoaesthesia. A slit skin biopsy is awaited.

Reddy Kumar was brought to the RHC by his distraught parents. Clinically we suspected ? Downs Syndrome. His Thyroid levels were suggestive of Hypothyroidism (TSH > 150 micrograms, T3 06.57, T4 0.7). He was started on Eltroxin 50 microgram, and increased to 100 microgram a weeklater. However two weeks into the treatment, he developed a severe lower respiratory infection, wheeze etc. This proved fatal and he passed away at the Government Hospital.