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Thursday, November 21, 2013

October 2013

A short two weeks vacation is due at the end of the month and all of us are looking forward to it. Following the vacation, the annual gathering of the Krishnamurti Foundation India will take place at Rishi Valley from 21 November to the 24th. A chance for all to meet and discuss the philosophy and other existential issues. At times one wonders whether such thoughts exercise the poor whom we serve or are their lives only about daily living and making their ends meet.
Of course as far as health seeking goes they continue to throng us

Total Patients: 1751

Below 15 years - Male: 91; Female: 85
Above 65 years - Male: 78; Female 81
Adult: Male: 715; Female: 701

Income (₹) Distribution

Below 12000: 1045
12001 - 24000: 551
24001 - 36000: 92
36001 - 48000: 35
Above 48001: 28

There is a lot of pressure on us to see more patients but this is about the maximum one can handle

A bit of excitement. A huge branch of a Peepul Tree came hurtlin fallingg down in strong winds, falling where patients normally congregate near the dispensary. Fortunately this happened just after the last patients had left!!!!

The photographs below gives you an idea of what happened!!!

Tree Fall on the Dispensary
Tree Fall

September 2013

A welcome break with some rains after long last. Strangely it has been raining all over but over the adjoining 50 km radius. Some tanks actually overflowed in Chinnamandem about 30 km from us. Strange are the vagaries of weather.

Total Patients: 1913

Below 15 years - Male: 99; Female: 108
Above 65 years - Male: 89; Female: 106
Adults - Male: 728; Female: 783

Income (₹) Distribution

Below 12000 pa: 1115
12001 - 24000: 696
24001 - 36000: 35
36001 - 48000: 29
Above 48000: 38

The other programmes continue to be busy. There is a need to support the care of the elderly. Many of them are quite marginalised that they find it difficult to eke out a livelihood