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Thursday, January 11, 2007

November - December 2006

Hi All

Into the new year and may it bring cheer to all the people of the world especially the old and the poor.
The December monsonns have failed us and so we look "forward" to a hot and dusty summer. As it is the experts are proclaiming the year 2007 as the hottest one in history. One hopes that this hot summer along with the El Nino phenomenon does not play havoc with our monsoons. There is barely any water left in our open wells and tanks and soon it will only be a marsh land only to dry out to a hard baked clayey surface.
We had gone on a two week vacation in November and had closed the health centre. After our reopening, the centre continues to be as busy as before. Patients keep pouring in in droves stretching our resources to the limit. It seems almost impossible to keep up ones concentration at the end of the day. Mistakes do happen. At times we are forced to undertreat and call the patient back the next day just for want of time and the fatigue of seeing more than 120 patients of all sorts.
Funds continue to be a problem, though some alumni of the school have promised some money. One hopes that we get some soon.
We are looking for donors as well as any doctor who might be interested in working in a rural setting.
Bye one and all