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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

February 2015

Clear skies, cool nights and mornings, a little bit of dew in the early hours, spring is here and a few new leaves. As yet nature has not indicated how the monsoon might be. 
A quite month, but for the H1N1 scare which seems quite misplaced, if one looks at the absolute numbers. More people die of TB, Malaria and other so called common illnesses and yet the media continues to write about this "new" disease!!!! Wonder how long the media interest will last. The response of the Min of Health has been graded and well thought out, No knee jerk reactions.

Total Patients: 1700

Below 15 years - Male: 97; Female: 89
Above 65 years - Male: 74; Female: 76
Adult: Male: 647; Female: 717

Income (₹) Distribution

Below 12000: 1032
 12001 - 24000: 538
 24001 - 36000: 63
36001 - 48000: 36
Above 48001: 31