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Monday, April 27, 2015

Vignettes of Patients 2014 - 15

Severe Osteoarthritis of  both the knees making him unfit to do any kind of work.
Such patients are disadvantaged both economically as physically

Basal Cell Carcinoma of the cheek
No treatment available in Madanapalle and he is too old to travel

A 10 year old girl. Diagnosed as Hypothyroidism
Now on Eltroxin also investigating for other endocrine anomalies


Mental Retardation and Hemiplegia
Consanguinous parents

Microcephaly with early fusion of sutures
He also has hypospadias
Another victim of consanguinous marriages
A Diabetic with a large ulcer after debridement
With good control of sugars his foot is healing well

March 2015

Clear skies, warm nights and increasingly hot days. Summer is here and rather quickly. The trees are withered and all the leaves fallen off. Looks like a hot summer ahead. There is already talk of El Nino doing the rounds. Wonder what it augurs for our monsoon? 
The media has stopped reporting H1N1. Maybe the real issues will surface, but one doubts it as malnutrition, Diabetes, Hypertension are not headline grabbing stuff. 
The heat does not seem to affect the inflow of patients however. The crowds seem to have increased. Wonder where they get their money from with crop failures and no work?  

Total Patients: 2293 (Annual Total 2014 - 15: 19650, Annual Total 2013 - 14: 19477)

Below 15 years - Male: 125; Female: 120
Above 65 years - Male: 99; Female: 88
Adult: Male: 877; Female: 984

Income (₹) Distribution

Below 12000: 1364
 12001 - 24000: 737
 24001 - 36000: 108
36001 - 48000: 51
Above 48001: 33