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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

April to June 2018

A summer break to look forward to in May. April was very pleasant, lots of intermittent showers which kept things cool.
A few days which were really hot. As expected a few heat exhaustion patients, some diarrheal diseases, few viral fevers. 
Patients continue to meet us daily
June started on a subdued not, with workshops at Rishi Valley School on teaching learning, counseling. The need for counseling services seems to be a felt need.
Projects wise
cVEDA - is up and running. Have made measured progress in ticking off the required numbers. The staff also trained now and are able to keep up with the questionnaires.
Having Amritha Gourisankar overseeing the project, is a huge help. She has really taken charge of the project.

TOTAL: 3631
Males: < 15: 102; 16 - 65: 1117; > 65: 333
Females: < 15: 68; 16 - 64: 1661; > 65: 350
Income Levels: < 48000 pa: 3504, > 48000: 127
70 yr old with a mass lesion. We decided against investigating any further and just treated him symptomatically

40 M, with an Acute Direct Inguinal Hernia

45 M walk in patient - BP recorded on visit
With 2 drugs he is well conrtrolled

Wound debridement of a Diabetic Ulcer
being done by our nurse