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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Jan to March 2017

Wow its hot, March has been sizzling. Temperatures upwards of 38 Celsius and working in the heat in the mid afternoons - phew!!! Patients sit uncomplainingly

Lots of patients: 6968 of them, with the majority earning less than 48000 pa.
475 children below the ages of 15 and 981 elderly patients.

The drought has also affected the earning capacity. The effects of demonetisation are slowly fading though.

April promises to be hot as well

The year past saw us cover 22742 patients, an increase of 5% from the last year. Quality affordable outpatient medical care is so much needed. Almost 95% of illnesses could be treated at an outpatient level. The need is to have dedicated doctors and staff in rural areas. I frankly do not see it happening given the way our medical education is structured.

 This young girl had an extra orbital pseudo tumour which caused ptosis of the left eye. She was operated at Hyderabad and is slowly recovering.

 This old lady, with Hypertension, Stroke and Diabetes makes a trek of almost 40 km to reach the RHC. She has to change 3 buses to reach. We were able to help her with some transportation charges so is now able to hire an auto. She comes once in 4 months for a review.
 Young man with Congenital Hypothyroidism. Mis diagnosed and Mistreated - literally abandoned by his parents. Slowly brought under control. I suspect that he has other endocrine deficiencies too.

Diabetic feet are so common - lack of foot care, injuries due to bare foot walking, poor nutrition all add up to this debilitating condition. Loss of earning capacity adds to the woes of the patients.

Throngs of patients. This was at 1700 having seen an OP of 180 patients

This young girl with type 1 Diabetes - is an aspiring state Basketball player. She made it up to the semifinals in the recently conducted nationals at Rajnandgaon. However she could not make the cut. Wondering whether her illness precluded her selection. 
She is well controlled on Insulin and has excellent parental support.

That's all for now folks. Looking forward to a break in May