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Saturday, August 19, 2017

April - June 2017

The hot months of summer brings a certain lassitude! We had quite a few patients with heat exhaustion, mainly the older people. A few young ones also. The waiting area though shaded is in the open, so heat load is high. Fans, earthen water pots (matkas) alleviate the heat to some extent.

As usual a large number of patients
4192 patients, 244 children and 750 elderly contributed to the load.

Everyone is waiting for the rains, fields lying fallow, the heat baking
The RHC closes for a summer break in May so all patients are covered till we get back.

Just a look at the NCD data over 01 years: Mind boggling
Hypertension: 6857
Diabetes: 9029
Hypothyroids: 469