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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sunita - A Girl Child

Sunita is a 11 year old girl studying in our Rural School. An alert teacher noted that she was having difficulty concentrating, falling off to sleep and was not eating properly. The Teacher spent some time with her parents and found that they had also noted the same problems. So he sent her to us.
After examining her, we found that she was quite severely malnourished - Grade III - the cause - Worms and the misfortune of being born a girl!
Treatment was simple, but the time spent with the parents counselling them was very productive.
The teacher is very happy with Sunita's progress and he has told me that she is now active in class, interested in her subjects, active and mixing well with all the others.
The teamwork and close cooperation between the health and education centres has been able to help out this poor girl child.