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Saturday, August 30, 2008

July 2008

As expected the pace of work picked up in July.

Outpatient Tota
l: 1686
Children < 15
Male: 167, Female: 107
Old Age (> 65 years)

Male: 120; Female: 104
Male: 405; Female: 782

Eye Programme
Number examined: 103
Glasses Prescribed: 34
Medications: 56
Surgeries: 13

Antenatal Programme
New Registered: 05

Bavaji is a 17 year old boy, who came to us with massive loss of weight. As is apparent from the photograph, he is emaciated and the swelling on the neck is apparent.
He has T
Clinically he also had Aortic and Mitral Regurgitation
His laboratory Investigations done here proved this diagnosis and an Echo done at St John's Medical College proved the presence of valvular heart disease.
He is now under treatment at the Health Centre.
His Investigations and hospitalisation was supported by SISHUKUNJ INTERNATIONAL
His medications are being supported by HEART and HAND FOR THE HANDICAPPED.

Kadirappa, is a 65 year old man who came to the Health Centre with a chronic pain in the neck and difficulty in walking.
Clinically his gait was spastic, with brisk lower limb reflexes. Bowel and bladder control were maintained. This suggested a cord compression in the cervical (neck) region.
An X Ray done at the Health Centre, proved this diagnosis.
He has been put on a Cervical Collar and NSAIDs for the pain.
He will require graded physiotherapy and cervical muscle strengthening excercises.
The cost of his collar and investigation were supported by the Village Development Council.