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Thursday, March 19, 2009

February 2009

Come February and the heat builds up both in terms of illnesses as well as the onset of summer.

Total Outpatient: 1504
Below 15 years: Male - 105; Female - 90
Above 65 years: Male - 100; Female - 113
Adults: Male - 496; Female - 600

Income (per month)
INR less than 1000: 784
1000 - 1500: 477
More than 1500: 241

Eye Care
Total patients: 66
Glasses: 18
Medicines: 42
Surgeries: 06

Antenatal Programme
New registrations: 04
Delivery: 01 (Hospital)

Charan Teja, 18 months was brought to the health centre with complaints of failure to thrive. Looking at him Dr Ramesh felt that it was MARASMUS (Protein Energy Malnutrition). However, since there was a history of Urinary Dribbling, we thought of Chronic Urinary Tract Infection, due to Postr Urethral Valves and Septicemia. Parentaeral antibiotics were given and he was referred to St Johns Medical College, where the latter diagnosis was confirmed. He is at present admitted at SJMCH and surgery has been planned once his Urinary Infection comes under control.
His treatment is being funded by SISHUKUNJ INTERNATIONAL

This young 19 year old girl came to us because of delayed as well as irregular cycles. Dr Kamakshi made the diagnosis of TURNERS SYNDROME since she is short statured as well as has neck webbing.