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Saturday, July 23, 2016

April - June 2016

Its been a hot summer, we had temperatures of more than 42 C for a month or so. In spite of exhortations, patients reported with heat exhaustion as well as heat hyperpyrexia. The elderly and the young were affected more than the able bodied
We also saw a few young males with Renal Stones - following the hot spell. Possibly dehydration due to farm work?
Patients continued in spite of the hot weather.
May provided a respite for all of us as it was a vacation time
Total Patients: 3522
<15 115="" 88="" p="">Children M: 115, F: 88
<15 115="" 88="" p="">Elderly M: 456,  F: 473
Adults M: 1172, F: 1218

<15 115="" 88="" p="">Income levels
<15 115="" 88="" p="">Below 48000: 3392
<15 115="" 88="" p="">Above 48000: 130

This little boy developed seizures, delayed milestones and also had an abnormally shaped head. He was diagnosed with Cranial Synostosis. Plastic surgery was done at St Johns Medical College. he is now recovering well and slowly improving

One of the most common afflictions of Diabetics - a diabetic foot. Poor hygiene, walking barefoot, poor diabetes control, smoking are all factors in causing this. Once affected the treatment is long affecting wage earning with its attendant problems of increasing poverty, depression etc. Apart from physical care most of these patients need psychological care to help them cope with this trauma.