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Saturday, January 04, 2020

October to December 2019

As the rains abate and winter sets in, there is a gentleness to the land - the groundnut harvest come in, the fields are fallow, giving a chance to the soil to regenerate.
The rains have been decent for the crops - however there has not been that intense rain to fill up the tanks with water. The ground water has not recharged enough. We are OK for now lets see what the summer brings.

The patient load is as it is
Patient Data
Total: 5360
Children: Males: 182; Females 176
Elderly: Males 768; Females 605
Adults: Males: 1466; Females 2163

The RHC had closed for 2 weeks during Deepavalli. A well deserved/needed break.

In November, Rishi Valley Education Centre hosted the Krishnamurti Gathering   - well attended with over 300 participants.

Some photos and stories of the 3 months gone by

REPOSE - The Verandah of the Health Centre provides a resting place for a baby and an old man
When one is tired any place providing a place for rest becomes a haven

An old couple awaiting their turn at the RHC
The tree providing them a space to sit and eat
For those more romantic one could call it a picnic!

 Bundled against the cold and rain, this lil boy has a plastic packet on his head - a makeshift cap and rain protector

     A patello tibial brace for an old woman with a severe diabetic foot
The ulcer has healed beautifully with the brace