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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

July - Sep 2016

The meteorological forecasts were optimistic - plenty of rains - unfortunately not a drop - the groundnuts have all withered, the jowar has gone - few straggly spike here and there. Makes one heart bleed
On the other side there was a sudden spurt in tomato prices - wow some families wiped out 10 years debt in one trip to the Tomato Market - suddenly there were new phones, new bikes visible on the country roads!!!!
Two sides of the same story
By end September all were wearing a glum look - withered crops, rapidly depleting ground water and soon the familiar sounds of a tractor pulling a trailer with water
Any way the RHC continued to be busy

Total of 6997 patients
Children below 15: Males 281 and Females 220
Elderly (above 65) Males 401 and females 385
Adults: 2657 Males and 3053 Females -
As is always the females tend to seek health more than males

Income levels less than 48000 pa 6683 and more than 48000 (APL) 314

Despair of Poverty - Cowering, hiding from the world and the wind
                                                                                                                                     This young boy swallowed a Re 1 coin - Bananas did the trick, The X Ray shows the coin in situ                                                                

Severe Osteo Arhritis - Helped with a knee brace