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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The health centre restarted work on 02 June, a Monday, and sure enough the word of mouth express ensured that the patients were there in full. We have decided to showcase our statistics in a different way which we hope will be clearer.

Outpatient: Total 1382

Children (<15)
Male: 132 Female: 132
Old Age (> 65 years)
Male: 120 Female: 102

Male: 389 Female: 559
Eye Programme
Total Patients: 66
Glasses: 16

Medications: 37
Cataract Surgeries: 13
Antenatal Programme
New Patients: 01

Every day one encounters a slew of stories, some to do with hard luck, some just defeated by the world, but in all this the very spirit of humanity shines through....
A few of the stories are given below:

Shivaiah, who is 70 years is a Rural Artisan. What that means is that he depends upon traditional art work for his living. He has an only son who is mentally retarded. Shivaiah takes care of him with his meagre earnings and old age pension of Rs 200 pm. Shivaiah himself is a Diabetic and Hypertensive. The health centre provides free treatment to both Shivaiah and his son.
Shivaiah's treatment is possible thanks to a grant from
Village Development Council, London, who have funded us for Old Age support.
His son's medicines for Fits comes from a grant from Heart and Hand for the Handicapped, New York

Deena has no parents, both of them succumbing to some illness - possibly AIDS. She is looked after by her grandmother. Deena stays in the Rural Education Centre, through the week. At the REC she gets to eat three meals a day and also gets a few clothes. Weekends she is back with her grandmother.
Subbamma, was hit by her son, because she was too old and was a drain on her family. As youcan see in the photograph, her right shoulder is swollen and distorted from the blow. This is domestic violence aimed at the old. Rising prices and runaway inflation is making life all the more difficult for the rural poor.