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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Death

Shanaz Bee was only 30 years old when she died leaving behind five children, the youngest being twins aged 08 months.
Why did she have to die at this young age - its is a story of neglect, poverty and probably mismanagement.
She had not been well for over two months, going to some village doctors, who treated her with Injections etc - the usual stuff. Her mother kept insisting that she come to the Health Centre, but she would not or could not - putting off the visit with some excuse or the other - "Who will look after the kids?" "Who will cook food?" and so on and so forth.
Finally her parents convinced her to come and stay with them. By then she was apparently in a pretty bad shape. She went to a private practitioner in Madanapalle, who again treated her with some antibiotics.
She finally came to the health centre on a Friday morning, reaching early to beat the rush. When the staff came in an hour later, they found her quite breathless. They were in the process of shifting her to the Emergency Room, when she collapsed. We tried resuscitating her but to no avail.
Why did she die - no one knows - a post mortem may have helped, but then who has the money to pay the police, the civil surgeons? After all it is one more death in an overpopulated land.
But a death is a death and what of the kids?


Anonymous said...

Thats really bad. Daily thousads of such incidents will be happening in this country. Government has to take measures to improve literacy.

(Small suggestion, If you can write in Telugu, you start a Telugu Blog. Visit also join if you like)

Unknown said...

really a sad story. I have been a spectator for many such incidents where I could do nothing as in this case. But I hope people will recognize the real India is not shining and we have to make it shine. Your self less work go a long way in this endeavor. I really appreciate your work and wish to be a part of it. Please email me at drchinthu at gmail dot com. Thanks.