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Saturday, December 05, 2009

November 2009

After the Vacations and the festive season, the whole staff is back, refreshed and rejuvenated.
Dr Kamakshi and Dr Kartik had gone to Mysore to attend "INDIA PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL PAEDIATRIC AIDS CONFERENCE. The conference was most instructive bringing to light the latest in thinking on this burning issue. we also learnt a lot about the need to look for HIV in pregnant women and prevent transmission for Positive Parent to Child (PPTCT).
The RHC monthly statistics are given below.

Total Outpatient: 1383

Below 15 years: Male - 138; Female - 138
Above 65 years: Male: 113; Female - 82
15 - 65 years: Male - 369; Female - 543

Income (per month)
INR less than 1000: 892
1000 - 2000: 446
2000 - 3000: 24
3000 - 4000: 16
More than 4000: 04

Eye Care
Total patients: 50
Glasses: 06
Medicines: 40
Surgeries: 04

Antenatal Programme
New registrations: 05
Delivery: 01 (Hospital - 01)
Abortion: NIL


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