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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Farewell to Amritha

Amritha joined us as a Fulbright scholar in September 2017. She had done her BS in Biomedical Engineering and wanted to work in bringing healthcare to the doorstep of rural folk. Initial surveys in the Villages, reinforced this idea that here was an opportunity to deliver healthcare at the doorstep.
She worked at the project and we were able to start screening of adults for NCDs. We used a tablet based NCD screening apparatus made by Vitor Healthsciences, a Bengaluru based startup. Thanks to this initiative the RHC has been able to provide doorstep health care for patients of Hypertension and Diabetes in two villages in Thettu Valley. Patient compliance has been about 65% which is fairly respectable.
In March 2018 the Rural Health Centre was included as a site for a multi centric mental health study - cVEDA (Consortium for the Assessment of Externalising Disorders and Addictions)
This project attracted Amritha a great deal and she decided to extend her stay at RV by a year more.
Amritha trained in this project and was appointed project supervisor. She did such a fantastic job of recruiting participants, training staff on Neuro Psych testing on PsyTools, maintaining records, bar coding and storing the blood and urine sample, coordinating with NIMHANS for patient referrals as well as MRIs.
As far as NIMHANS was concerned they did not have to worry about Rishi Valley site since they just knew that everything would be perfect. Hats off to the cVEDA team and Amritha in particular.
She had applied to medical school and for a MPH programme back home in the US. She got into Emory for a MPH programme.
Sadly we had to say bye to her and let her go. Her last working day at the RHC was 30 June.
We are already missing her smiling, active presence. For a person so young she bought in good organisation, man management skills as well as a very empathetic attitude to the participants who were suffering with psychiatric problems.
We will miss her at the RHC. She was like family.  From all of us wising her godspeed and every success in life.
Some photos from her farewell

A Gift from the staff

With CVEDA staff

The field staff


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