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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

July - September 2018

Work goes on as usual. A steady flow of patients. We have been trying to implement some way of reducing the number of patients. Fatigue and possibly some early burn out are the main drivers for this. We are now not seeing patients who come from more than 30 km. Seems to be making a difference.
Projects:cVEDA is making a difference. We are picking up children with Neuro Psychiatric issues ranging from Depression/Anxiety to Attention Deficits. All of these unreported at the time of diagnosis.
These children are referred to NIMHANS for confirmation of diagnosis and we do the follow ups here.
There is such an urgent need for Mental Health professionals in the field - but where to find them

TOTAL: 6559.
Males: < 15 (243), 16 - 65 (1916) > 65 (767)
Females: < 15 (259), 16 - 65 (2603), > 65 771
Income: < 48000 pa (6456), > 48000 (103)

Participant doing the online cVEDA test

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