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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

October to December 2018

A definite reduction in patient numbers. I feel that our quality of care has improved.
The reduction in numbers is being made up by the time spent with children needing help both from the rural schools as well as Rishi Valley in itself.
I can see that the mental health needs are just going to increase. Not surprising given the increasingly chaotic world we live in where mere survival is going to get more difficult.
The monsoons have failed again and we are at about 60% deficit. This is going to hit people hard.
Drinking water will become a problem as summer sets in.

TOTAL 4667
Males: < 15 (186), 16 - 65 (1299), > 65 (626)
Females: < 15 (274), 16 - 65 (1717), > 65 (565)

< 48000 (4581), > 48000 pa (86)

On a more happy note we did some tree planting - our bit for the environment!!!!!

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